Personal Injury


Have you or someone you love been injured?

If you’ve been injured, the first thing to do, of course, is to take care of any immediate health risks and injuries. If you think that you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, the next best thing to do is to talk with an experienced and trusted attorney like Steve DeAntonio who can give you honest advice on your particular situation and circumstances.

Accidents happen, but sometimes accidents can be and should have been prevented. Not every accident or injury should be addressed through the legal system, but when someone is negligent or if there are unsafe conditions then you need to have the law on your side to fight for what is fair.  To find out if you have a legal case you should call Steve @ 843.577.8080 as soon as possible after the accident or injury. 

Steve DeAntonio has almost three decades of experience handling accident and personal injury cases. As an up-and-coming lawyer, he mostly represented business, insurance companies, and people who were getting sued. Now, he uses that knowledge and experience to fight for people who have been injured in accidents, as well as families who have lost loved ones.

Steve devotes his practice to representing people seriously injured by the negligence of others and is a member of the South Carolina Association of Justice. Steve’s focus is on positioning each case in the a position so the client can make good, smart choices. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field of insurance claims is a tremendous asset to his clients. Insurance coverage issues can be complex and it takes an attorney with the background and experience to understand and manage the details of these types of cases.

If you or someone you love has been injured, contact Stephen F. DeAntonio right away @ 843-577-8080 so he can start working on your case. It’s important he hears from you soon after the injury or accident so that he can begin collecting all of the important evidence immediately. Steve is here to help you navigate the legal system and fight for your rights so that you get what you are entitled to based on your injuries.