Defamation of Character

Has someone damaged your business or reputation by something they’ve said or written?

If you think you have defamation of character or invasion of privacy case, Stephen DeAntonio, is someone you should call to discuss your case. Stephen DeAntonio is recognized as a top Defamation of Character attorney.  Defamation is a unique and difficult area of the law, and one of Steve’s areas of concentration.  Libel and Slander cases can be complicated and nuanced, and you want, you need, someone with extensive experience and skill sets in these types of cases.

Steve earned a reputation in this area, especially with First Amendment cases against media companies. He has handled many high-profile, nationally recognized, cases representing retired naval officers, federal agents, doctors, lawyers, public officials, teachers, business and others in suits against networks, publishing houses, media companies, newspapers and television stations, school districts, private companies and professionals.

Steve has seen first hand and understands how harmful a loss of reputation can be, and how vicious defamatory words are on people. Libel is the written word, and is the most harmful. Slander is the spoken word, and although these cases can be harder to prove, they can be equally as destructive. These cases can be challenging to win, so you need the most experienced and respected attorney fighting for you and your reputation.

Steve has also successfully prosecuted related invasion of privacy cases. Protecting your identity and reputation are important in this digital age and you need an attorney with the experience to help protect you, your privacy, and your reputation against unwarranted attacks.  If you think you have been wronged by a person or company, contact Steve @ 843.577.8080 to set up a confidential consultation to talk about your case.